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AK Coburg DR 0002 [CD]
  • Cello Sonata in D op. 51 Click to listen to the Finale of the Cello sonata.
  • Ballade for Cello and Piano in B minor op. 7
  • Barcarole for Cello and Piano in A minor op. 11 Click to listen to the Barcarole for Cello and Piano
  • Piano Pieces: Vision op. 21/1, Traum im Elfenhain op.21/2, Rote Blätter fallen op. 14/1, Verweht op. 14/2, Valse-Scherzo op.5/2 Click to listen to the Valse-Scerzo
Artists: Barbara Thiem [cello], Wolfgang Müller-Steinbach [piano]

Click for large version.The "Cello Sonata strikes me as possibly being a masterpiece. I try not to overuse that word, and often object to the way it is bandied about. But after a half dozen hearings, the mysteries of this lovely Sonata are still being revealed, and that is one sign of great music." Henry Fogel, Fanfare  

The cello sonata dates from 1890 and demands virtuoso ability from its performers as well as an intimate understanding of its shifting harmonies and intricate contrapuntal relationships. The 1866 Ballade is a study in elegiac melancholy while the Barcarole of 1872 is a classic example of the genre piece evoking undulating waves and gondolas plying Venetian lagoons. The selection of piano pieces shows a series of genre pieces which at times transcend those boundaries through their sophistication and difficulty.

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