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AK Coburg DR 0003 [CD]
  • Clarinet Sonata in B flat op. 38 Click to listen to the final movement of the clarinet sonata.
  • Scene for Violin and Piano op. 69
  • Violin Sonata in B flat op. 38 (alt. version of clarinet sonata)
Artists: Martin Nitschmann [clarinet], Nanette Schmidt [violin], Wolfgang Müller-Steinbach [piano]

Click on picture to view a larger version.Dating from 1887, the clarinet sonata is a lovely, pastoral work, full of light and good spirits. It is the first duo sonata for clarinet of the Romantic period, predating Brahms, Reger, and Saint-Saëns. Draeseke prepared a version for the violin at the same time (the two were published together) with a minimum of changes required by the string instrument. The Scene (1899), the composer's only other composition for violin and piano, is a dramatic work which makes use of two themes from Draeseke's unproduced opera Bertran de Born (1894).  

"There are no reservations here - the performers capture the spirit of the music, and play with technical polish as well. ... This disc is a gem." Henry Fogel, Fanfare, Nov/Dec 2000. Read the entire review.

Listen to the finale of the Clarinet Sonata (mp3).

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Reviewed in Classical Music: the listener's companion