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König Sigurd
Opera in 3 Acts (WoO 2, 1856-8)
Based on Emanuel Geibel's König Sigurds Brautfahrt

Dietrich von Bern
Opera in 3 Acts (WoO 12, 1877; revised by Otto zur Nedden, 1925)
Program from the premiere (Dresden, 10 March 1892)

Opera in 3 Acts  (WoO 13, 1877-9 as Dietrich von Bern, revised 1885) 
Premiered 10 March 1892 in Dresden (Ernst von Schuch, cond.)

Program from the premiere, Hannover 1884

Opera in 3 Acts (WoO 14, 1879-84)
Premiered 5 November 1884 in Hannover (Franz Herner, cond.)

Der Waldschatzhauser (WoO 17, 1882)
After Wilhelm Hauff

Bertran de Born
Opera in 3 Acts (WoO 22, 1892-4)

Fischer und Kalif
Comic Opera in 1 Act (WoO 24, 1894-5) 
Premiered 15 April 1905 in Prague (Egon Pollak, cond.)

   Score for Draeseke's Merlin

Opera in 3 Acts (WoO 30, 1900-5)
Based on Karl Leberecht Immermann's Merlin

Premiered 18 April 1913 in Gotha (Alfred Lorenz, cond.)


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