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Catalogs of Draeseke's Music 

Complete Catalog of all Draeseke Compositions by Opus Number and WoO Numbers:
    Opp 1 through 45
    Opp 46 through 87
    Works without opus numbers (WoO)

Catalog of Compositions for Orchestra and Ensembles

Catalog of Compositions for Instruments and Chamber Music

Catalog of Choral and Vocal Music

Catalog of Piano and Keyboard Music

Catalog of Operas and Stage Works of Felix Draeseke

Catalog with Commentary from Kistner Publishing (Leipzig, 1935)

Articles and Essays on Draeseke's Compositions

Performance History (1986-1996)

Historic Performance Archive List

Catalog of Recordings

Draeseke Scores available on line at the Petrucci (IMSLP) Library

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